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A mulitimillion grant will expand a very successful Early Reading Pilot Project into a 40,000-student Reading Project -- putting the Frontline reading curriculum into hundreds of kindergartens and preschools free of charge.

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In the original Pilot Project, 100% of the participating teachers said the Frontline reading curriculum was the best they had ever seen. It had nearly every child reading in just a few weeks -- even ESL children who came to class not speaking English yet!

An ESL class in Kennewick, Wash., using Frontline out-performed most of the mainstream classes using another popular curriculum (Open Court). Frontline has been successful with students from every demographic background.

Since this is a privately funded grant, it can also be used as a match for other grants you may pursue. And there are


However, you need to firm up participating schools and classrooms ASAP. We are looking for 20,000 students to participate nationwide next school year, and up to an additional 20,000 in 2005-2006 -- and we would like to firm up next year's sites before the end of March.

With the success of the original Pilot Project, Frontline is anxious to expand the Reading Project to demonstrate that this is the answer to the No Child Left Behind challenge to get every child up to standard. With this curriculum, schools can have essentially every kindergartner reading at mid first grade level before they ever start first grade. And if they can use it in preschools as well as kindergartens, most children will be into second grade reading before first grade.

Children accomplish this with a fun, music-enhanced curriculum.

This will cost participating schools $0 -- $0 for curriculum. $0 for training. $0 for testing. And you will help revolutionize education in America and demonstrate how the goals of the No Child Left Behind legislation CAN be accomplished.

If you are interested, contact me at and/or Also feel free to call Ken Harvey at 888-664-5343. I would love to provide a live presentation on our research and on how the Frontline curriculum works. Thanks for considering this opportunity.

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